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Samsung 5G 

5G is something we have all heard but do we actually understand what 5G is? Coinciding with the launch of their 5G-ready handsets, Samsung wanted to become thought leaders in the 5G space. Cutting through the confusion and tech speak, we helped Samsung turn 5G into something everyone could relate to. Not by creating another multi-million dollar mega campaign but with a humble podcast.


The creative team did a fantastic job in the production of ‘Whatever Next’ a weird and wonderful tech podcast hosted by Dr Hannah Fry and comedian Suzi Ruffell. Working on the design side, I was tasked with advertising the podcast across Time Out and Metro with online take-overs. As well as creating online banners across the episodes. The episodes included topics such as Fitness, Food, Gaming, Photography and Entertainment.

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Samsung UK
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Cheil Europe ​

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Photoshop, Illustrator

The metaphor of a murmuration flock of birds was used to represent the seamless connections between Samsung products. KX’s newest residents work as one to guide visitors across the flagship store.


Choosing between three tours: ‘Epic Gaming’, ‘Seamless Entertainment’ or ‘Effortless Living’, the flock of birds virtually disperse, leading visitors around the space and encouraging them to get hands on with devices along the way.


Each journey highlights the benefits of how you can achieve more, save time and get the most out of what you love

Partnering with Unit9, the team achieved real-world tracking of over 500m of programmed pathways within a 900 square meter space. Visitors are guided over a walking distance of over 100m by a flock of 200 brightly coloured low-poly birds. Each one individually programmed through an intelligent flocking system that auto-adjusted to real-world physics, resulting in a near-to-life murmuration experience.

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