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Branding and identity

The intu brand

The intu brand uses illustrations in a 'pen and ink' style. Below are a snapshot of the illustrations I created for the company and how using the brand, I created posters and designs that reflect the soul of the company.

Client / 

intu properties​

Agency / 

intu properties​

Year / 


Design a poster that is given to
a person after completing their leadership programme

A seasonal calendar poster thanking intu Bromley for being apart of their portfolio before the site was sold.

Create a poster promoting health and wellbeing describe what to
expect on the day

Branding and identity

intu Family fun day 2017

Using intu’s employee brand style I brought the collateral to life using illustrations and a simple orange ribbon. I wanted to use the ribbon to animate the characters. intu’s brand promise is ‘we make joy’.

Using this ethos the ribbon and characters interact in fun and energetic ways to bring the campaign to life in different sporty ways.

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