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Self initiated zine


Sometimes we are not given the opportunity to work on the briefs we wish to. And so Inspire zine was born to give me the creative freedom to experiment with layout, design and typography. 


The Inspire zine is a printed publication that I solely created bi-monthly (proof read by my director), to show what is happening in the creative world. Brimming with inspiration, technological advancements, awards and just a great creative content. 

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Cheil Europe
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Cheil Europe ​

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Front, content and intro page

I hold so much pride in this side project as the research alone allowed me to be up to date with trends within our industry and then expel the information in my own way. I leant towards visual cues from Graphic Design legend David Carson and his art direction of the Ray Gun magazines.


As I was pulling information form various parts of mediums whether the internet or physically in an exhibition I also wanted to have a nod towards the handmade, scrapbook grunge style David Carson is known for. Allowing the format to be eye catching, breaking the laws of typography yet working harmoniously together on a page. 


Design layout across the inside pages

Inspire-mag-x3 double page spread.jpg

Inside pages


Front and back cover

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