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Olympic Channel
live events 

Throughout my time at VML we covered designs the assets for multiple live sporting events. This varied from FIS Skiing, Wheelchair basketball to FISE Extreme sports. Every asset had to be designed using the Olympic Channel branding which consists of the core Olympic brand colours and living rings. 

Client / 

The Olympic Committee

Agency / 

VML London

Year / 


In the old city stadium of Hiroshima,

create assets for a unique festival with a

representation of today’s action sports.

On the programme:

BMX, Skateboarding, Rollerskating, Parkour,
Bloc Climbing and Breakdancing.


Using dynamic imagery and living rings I created banners that were brought to life to visualise the energy of the sport, adhering to The Olympic Channel branding of living rings and colour palette and tone of voice.

Gold Coast


Games 2018

Like the Olympics the Commonwealth Games are also a four year rotation and the Olympic Channel are also proud to stream the Games live on their site. This year we decided to focus on three areas: watch live sport specific banners, generic ads that would be broadcasted at any moment and historic Commonwealth Games firsts. 

In the post-copy and design we curated each post to highlight a momentous moment within the Games.

Generic post

Imagery taken directly from opening ceremony

Sport post

The best of sport at the games

The First

Focusing on historical Commonwealth moments

A few more watch live banners from

various other live sporting events

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