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The Olympic Committee

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VML London

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Movie poster design 

Olympic Channel
Original series poster

Break the boundaries of the normal Olympic Channel branding and take an existing Original Series short film from the Channel website and create a poster that showcases the heart and spirit of that film.  

Nadia Comaneci is a Romanian-born gymnast and five-time Olympic gold medallist, the only person in history to be awarded the perfect score of 10.0 in the1976 Montreal Olympic games.


In 1976, Romania had a communist system and strict laws until it’s uprising against the communist leader Nicolae Ceaisecu and his cabinet in 1989. The poster itself illustrates has underlying tones of what propaganda looked like and Soviet Union symbolism.

Nadia Comaneci 

The Perfect 10

Clara Hughes is a past Olympic Canadian cyclist and speed skater who won multiple medals across both sports. Clara’s early childhood was entangled in drug and alcohol abuse but she sought out a new path being directly inspired watching the 1988 Calgary Winter games and she knew she could be better.


The poster depicts an internal struggle throughout her life and career to do more and be more. The typography within the poster runs vertically and horizontally to create a sense of visual chaos which reflects her mood and thought process throughout her Olympic career.

Clara Hughes 

The Olympic Deliquent

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