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Banner ads/Campaign

NBA Finals 2018

Olympic Channel sporting moments:


Olympic Channel faces stiff competition for audience eyeballs and must differentiate itself from the competitors by providing value add to end users. 

Our advantage is to leverage the initiatives and events that excite our audience and provide deep links to relevant Olympic content. The ultimate goal is to leverage and capitalise on relevant sporting moments outside of the Olympics to deep link and drive engaged traffic to the site.


These moments are major sporting moments like the NBA Finals, Wimbledon, Tour de France etc. 

Client / 

The Olympic Committee

Agency / 

VML London

Year / 


We created timed-specific adverts that links real time NBA moments to content on the Olympic Channel.

I also had the chance to create post-copy which had to be powerful enough to appeal to the NBA fan into clicking through the ad to the site. 

Instagram Stories

Taking the campaign further we picked content from the Olympic Channel site that linked directly to basketball.


But this had to be content that would attract the audience in a short clip that could be played on Instagram.

So we decided on Kids Call, a programme that uses kids to comment on specific sports - who doesn't love kids?


And using our talented team we presented this to the client.

Snap Story

Using Snapchat we took hold of their Snap Story tile feature which linked to both generic and content specific Olympic Channel content. 

The content specific tiles we created hold a 4 second teaser video within the Snap Story.


The athletes themselves were also chosen specifically as they themselves are not only in the NBA Finals 2018 but were apart of USA Rio 2016 gold medal winners. 

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