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Banner ad templates

Olympic Family production

The banners as a whole had to be informative, simple, professional and
adhere to the brand guidelines of The Olympic Channel. Across all designs, the assets had to be compelling, concise and clear.


The graphic rings are used to add a strong visual link to the Olympic rings.
The living rings are a graphical devise used within the action part of every
design. They create a powerful ad, bringing the design to life by conveying a sense of movement.

Client / 

Olympic Channel

Agency / 

VML London

Year / 


Adobe Suite / 


We produced:
48 Summer sports
15 Winter sports
22 banners per sport

And then we rebranded

Creating a Sports Toolkit.


Each banner are to live on each sport federation’s website. My idea was chosen to create a new campaign, loved by our client that was rolled out across all sports.It explores the DNA of each Olympic sport within three simple words.


The crafted words are punchy, short and brief. They were researched and chosen to be specifically curated towards each individual sport, making each design and banner unique and recognisable in their own habit.


With the use core brand colours and energetic living rings this campaign brought to life theexisting brand in a new exciting way.

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