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Branding, social, animation

NIVEA UK Social playbook
and online production

The agency was approached to create a NIVEA Social Playbook and visual style that would influence the global brand across all their online platforms such as social, e-commerce and their website.


Working with the strategy department for content and my input of the design of the book itself - they wrote the playbook laden with knowledge and information such as the NIVEA brand in the social world, the digital and brand vision, the principles of effective social content, the approach to proactive content, best practice, community management publishing, moderation and monitoring for example.


As design lead, I was then tasked to create the new NIVEA look and feel that would work across their online platforms.

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Cheil Europe ​

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Adobe Suite / 

Illustrator, AfterEffects, Photoshop, InDesign


Inside pages from NIVEA Social Playbook

NIVEA Textures.jpg

NIVEA textures

NIVEA Instagram feed

I researched trends and typographic treatment and created a layering design style that allowed the brand to be versatile but recognisable. Textures specific to the brand such as the NIVEA créme and NIVEA lip crayon played a part in highlighting or adding design elements to specific briefs.


The colour pallet was inspired through their partnership with Studio NX taking blues, greens, pinks and yellows directly from the world they already live in.


The end result was a fresh take on an established brand widening their audience and allowing a level of playfulness and variety to the normal ‘NIVEA blue and white’ world.

Working with the creative team for content and copy, I have designed hundreds of NIVEA collateral across Instagram (Feed, IGTV, Stories), Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. As well as refreshing their whole website and producing all the assets across each of their pages.

And taking my own initiative, I saved on billing by undertaking courses in AfterEffects. This allowed our ideas to be brought to life through moving content and animation, elevating NIVEA’s social catalogue.

NIVEA Pinterest feed

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