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Event branding

Capital city of pop

I had to create a stand out design that would appeal to intu’s varied client base. Retailers attend intu’s retailer event and every year we produce something that’s a little different.


We agreed to use a 7” vinyl as our inspiration and springboard for the project. The large bold flower was pulled from the event venue’s website that help bring life the design. The invitation itself is on a mock vinyl using intu’s core brand colours white and orange.


The invitation had to be exciting and I also wanted to incorporate one of intu’s brand messages of ‘surprise and delight’. The invitation came to retailers in a plain white envelope to which they’d immediately see bold colours within a joyful invite.

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intu properties​

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intu properties​

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The branding had to work across multiple platforms. An oversized vinyl version of the invitation measuring 1000m by1000m was created outside the event as well as drinks vouchers and posters that were showcased next to a gimmick photo booth.

Going further

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