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A discovery engine that finds and recommends places of interest to its users.

The features allow you to discover, explore and connect with not just the places, but also the people within your surrounding area.


Spot is uniquely personalised to your own tastes and interest. It is a constant learning machine adapting its results to your personalised style. Finding somewhere new in your area could not be simpler.

Spot cuts the corners of Google by just simply suggesting brilliant places of interest that is just tailored to you. You’ve already inputted what you already
like, it just shows you where they are.

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Getting to know you
more, with a selection
of categories... 


Creating your world, put your own interest tags in from 'pool table' to 'vegan food'.


After you've popped your tags in you can then select
where you want to go by tapping each individual circle.

The bigger the circle the more of that specific tag is
near your location.




Proud East

Pool table + Pub + Quirky 

By choosing these three tags, it will curate
and show you multiple options that is specific
to exactly what you're searching for.

You can also use the 'Discover' tab
where Spot uses your own interest tags
to suggest places that it knows you will love.


Because you put your own data in. 

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