Hi, I'm Ce.

I'm a designer trying to conquer the creative world...
but i'll start by impressing you


Hey, I'm Cecilia a designer living in London.

Think that's it for now.


All the best,



I am the person who is willing to accept a challenge and strives to succeed both individually and as part of a team. I am self motivated with plenty of drive and commitment, as well as being energetic an agile in my approach to suit the needs of the agency, proactively keeping ontop of my skills.


I am confident in my designs and have the ability to learn new skills efficiently. I'm also a social person who thrives on the energy of the team around me and my cheerful, approachable attitude towards colleagues makes going to work a fun and
enjoyable experience.

Key things about me:

  • 4 years in industry within Graphic design across Digital, Advertising and Branding agencies. 

  • Excel at the beginning of the design process and love to craft and perfect an idea wholly through to completion

  • On the side, I'm also designing for three different pubs creating their posters, menus and events throughout the year. Oozing my personality through their posters


O D O N G 


Feel free to drop me an email or give me a call.

I'd love to hear from you.


Kentish Town 



Tel: 07514556883

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Thanks again guys, love Ce.